Church management

Big mega churches often have their own web development and creative teams on staff - and their sites are downright amazing to visit. Small to medium sized churches' websites however, aren't so lucky.

Most small to medium sized churches don't get the attention they deserve online, because they simply don't have the resources to commission a high quality website or invest in church management software.

Skyrider Tech doesn't believe your ability to attract visitors online and keep your members up to date should depend on having a massive budget.

Give us a call today and find out what Skyrider Tech can do for your congregation!

Mobile Friendly

Our websites work natively and beautifully on all popular platforms.

24/7 Support

Dedicated Customer Support via Phone, Email or Chat.

Search Optimization

We'll make sure you show up everywhere seekers are looking.

Corporate Email

Professional, fully managed email solutions, via Microsoft or Google.

Web Payments

Give your supporters more ways to tithe or donate.

Marketing capabilities

What's the difference between business marketing and non-profit charity marketing? Just one - our charity marketing services are reduced to the lowest possible prices, for qualifying organizations.

The reasoning is simple - we believe the benefits of supporting a charity organization go beyond dollars and cents.

Skyrider Tech already prides itself on providing enterprise grade tools to businesses that ordinarily could not afford them - and when that business is in the business of helping people, we really want to go the extra mile.

Give us a call or write us today to see how we can help you.

Email Tools

Prayer circles, member rosters and subscriber lists to help you keep in touch.

SaaS Advantage

Choose our Software-as-a-Service options for always updated, fully managed solutions.

Client Relations Tools

Manage and track your donors or members any time, anywhere!

Ads and Marketing

We manage advertising so you can focus on your organization.

Custom Solutions

Doesn't your small charity deserve to run as efficiently as larger corporations?

Custom solutions

Maybe your charity or other non-profit organization doesn't fit the usual molds. Perhaps the technical solutions needed to streamline your operation are prohibitively expensive or simply don't exist at all.

We're here to fix that!

At Skyrider Tech, we can build tracking and management systems for just about any purpose - and for qualifying charity organizations we'll provide these tools at the lowest prices possible.

Give us a call or write today to find out what we can do to make your operation really shine!

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