Lead generation & qualification

Need to take your sales to the next level? We have the connections to help you get it done.

  • Our Client-Relationship-Management software maintains constant contact with your prospects.
  • Our industry sources can provide targeted leads directly to you - or delivered via our CRM.
  • Pre-qualified and warm-transfer leads may be available depending on your industry and service type.

Whether your small business needs a few more phone calls per day, your sales team needs higher quality leads to call, or you're looking to completely overhaul a college admissions operation - we've got you covered!

Hot Leads

We can provide qualified, interested leads for virtually any industry.

Integrated CRM

With portals, tracking and emails, we tie your site to your sales force.

Multi-Point Matching

Target leads on 30+ qualification points.

Warm Transfer

Pre-qualified leads transferred live on the phone. Yup, we do that.

Call Recording

Strict educational admissions guidelines to fulfill? We've got you covered.

Streamlining and overhauling

As the world changes, sometimes business practices can't keep up. Processes and systems that worked well when first implemented can become bloated, slow and overly-complicated over time. Getting a department of your organization out of a well-established rut can be challenging - and can often cost you money and your employees their jobs.

If your operation is getting dragged down by inefficiency, give us a call. With decades of collective experience building intuitive processes and salvaging broken systems, Skyrider Tech can help you turn things around.

Stop hemorrhaging money and get back on track today!


Our systems will free up your team to work on more productive tasks.

Education Sector

From Admissions to F/A to Placement, we know EDU like no one else.


When you're not sure how to proceed, call the experts - we can help!

VOIP Integration

Connect your phone system to our CRM to track employees & re-capture lost leads.

Custom Tech

Custom software runs your business so you can stop "pedaling the bike".

Turn key business solutions

Building new processes, launching a sales team or just simply supporting your former clients can become a major problem - especially for small businesses with limited time and resources.

Skyrider Tech has decades of collective experience building highly efficient business structures, developing systems and creating processes.

We can work directly with and within your operation to build efficient, modular business processes that plug directly into your existing structure. This frees you up to focus on running the rest of your operation, and gives you room to grow and expand in your market.

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